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The word from our customers...

Just recently had a central air conditioning unit put into my mother's house and I called everyone from lowes to costco to a couple of other companies. And everyone said that a central air would not be possible due to the low flat roof and they all recommended package units or mini splits. Then robert came to look at the house and told me it could be done and the price he gave me blew everyone else out of the water. On the day of installation he showed up on time with his crew and went to work. Obviously when you are paying someone money to do a job....there are going to be questions and concerns....but robert was able to answer all questions and alleviate all concerns. Where there was a problem there was a solution. Robert is one of the nicest and most professional guys you will find. And what makes him so great is the awesome crew that he has. Javier is the man!!!  Another guy that works so hard and one of the most nicest and most professional guys you will ever meet. My mother's house is probably one of the hardest houses they did and they got it done in one day. Javier even after stayed to answer all our questions and showed how to use the system. Even showed us how to program the system using our phones. Now we got cold and heat at our fingertips. Javier is the man!! I mean Jorge was another guy....took out both the old wall furnace and the old ac unit. And then after that he got into the attic and do a lot more. And don't think they just took out the old wall units and left it like that or charged me extra. They left in a good enough position where all we had to do was have some drywall it. They use bryant ac units and those are pretty good. These guys are the creme of the crop!! So to be honest if you want ac installed in your house and don't want to pay crazy prices to get it done.....you really want to go with robert, Javier and company. There was a ton of miss from the job and they cleaned everything up. They are the best!!!



Installation: May 2016


We just wanted to thank you and your crew for a great job.  We are very pleased with the outcome.  Javier and George are great!!  I was very leary about having an airconditioner installed but am very glad we did.  Thank you again.  We will recommend your company to anyone we know who is looking to have air conditioning installed.  Thank you again. 


La Mirada

Installation:  April 2016


Robert and Susy are very professional and the installation was also handled in a timely manner.  Best of all the price was very competitive.  I would highly  recommend VigilAir.  


Laurel Canyon 

Installation:  May 2015



To Whom it May Concern:

This is a very enthusiastic letter of recommendation for the Vigilair company that installed February 3, 2015. A complete heating and cooling system in my home, replacing the previous twenty-year old system. I decided to wait until this date (August 8, 2015) to write this letter to first see how the system and the company performed. If you don't care to read the rest of this letter and want to skip to the bottom line-I rate the company, including Suzy, Robert, and all of the technicians, a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, in terms of quality, responsiveness, and price.
I am a frugal consumer and made many calls to various companies before finding VigilAir through a YELP review. My research included obtaining a number of proposals from companies rated as "Gold" or "Silver" from the Edison website as well as other local companies in my area. The Edison-recommended companies came from as far away as Irvine, CA to submit proposals. The Edison-rated companies presented me with many complex printouts related to "engineering" the system and having independent companies perform required independent analyses of their installation to meet STAR energy guidelines. Most of the proposals were for between $10,000-$16,000.
In contrast to the Edison companies, and other local companies, Robert Vigil's communication and quote to me was to the point, emphasizing how since he provides the proposal as well as the service, and with Mrs. Vigil handling the administrative end, they are able to keep prices at about 50% to 60% of their competitors. I had the choice of name brand systems or generically named systems made by the same manufacturer. The thermostat was also generic, with upgrades to any name brand I wanted to choose. 
Their quote included complete removal of the old system, duct work, and an installation of the new system in the attic, now considered superior to closet installation, which also freed up an additional closet for me. I decided on a Day & Night 16 seer system. The installation included all new duct work, wiring to the new compressor, a drainage line, new vents, a new thermostat, and an installation of an easy to access filter cover in the ceiling of my hallway, of importance, at no extra charge. The Vigils provide an extended warranty on all labor/parts whereas other companies provide only minimal follow up protection without significant extra charges.  Attic installation was only $100! Again, the bottom price was 1/2 of the average estimate from the other companies. 
I was also impressed with Robert's full time work as an installer, having done these systems for major retail stores who have exacting standards for their installers, for more than thirteen years.
Robert and his team arrived at 8AM and proceeded to move so smoothly along in how they removed and installed the equipment  that they were done by approximately 3:30pm. At no extra charge, Robert ran an extra duct from my roof to my microwave outlet to seal a small hole in the roof. I did not realize how professional they were until I saw a competing company attempt the same installation at a neighbor's house recently. They started in the morning and were still there at 9PM that evening! I have never had such professional construction/technical work done in any of the homes I have owned, including when I undertook a major remodeling of my home three years ago. Please note that all of their work is up to code for permit purposes.
Mr. and Mrs. Vigil followed up recently and came to my house last week to adjust the airflow and reduce the noise of the system, including moving the new compressor from it's present location to near the garage (away from the bedrooms). There will be no charge for this significant change to their installation. They also came to my house on another occasion to check the filter (it's still clean) and assist me with thermostat adjustment. 
Since 2/2015 the system has been working flawlessly. I have the peace of mind knowing that all duct work is clean with reduced particulates coming into my home, given the air quality of Los Angeles. A point I wish to make regarding estimates from any company trying to sell you on how much money you will save with a new system: this all depends on your home square footage, number of people in the home, and how much time you spend at home. In my case I have not seen a dramatic energy savings (though there is some). As such, saving so much money on the system has made even more sense. I cannot emphasize enough how important talking to any company is about the length of their labor/parts warranty. You will not know how committed the company is to their own product if they are not willing to provide you with an extended coverage period for not only the parts but their own labor. No other company came close to the guarantee on their labor that ViigilAir provided me.
Susy and Robert both have told me that they purposely do not want their business to grow to the point where it becomes impersonal. I was told that  they are attempting to transition to developing their own customer base (now about 50% of the work they do) possibly to the point where they would no longer contract for other companies. I sincerely hope that their business model of integrity, quality, honesty, and low prices does not change in the future given the future growth that I'm sure will occur. 

                                                                                                                                                              Artesia/Lakewood/Cerritos area

                                                                                                                                                                                 Installation Feb, 2015


I cannot believe what an incredible experience it has been to work with the dear people at VigilAir. When the air conditioner at my elderly mom's house stopped working recently,  my sister and I started our search to see who we could find to replace it. We had several estimates, all of which panicked us because of the incredibly high quotes. We were near tears. Our mom is in her 90's and has 24-hour care, and each day was such a struggle because of the hot temperatures. I finally got on Angie's List and found VigilAir. I may be able to save you some research time. I read all the references, and I even went to Yelp; I have never read such consistently glowing reports and testimonials. From start to finish, they were kind, personable, concerned about my mom (even working around their schedule to get to mom as soon as possible), flexible, and upfront about what actually needed to be done--no surprises or added costs. Oh, and speaking of the cost, their quote was half of what the chain stores were quoting. 
In short, I want to say thank you, Robert and Suzy,  for everything you have done. You are truly a blessing. I feel like I have gone back in time when people were kind and honorable to each other with business dealings. 


Cerritos, CA

Installation July, 2015

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------​ "Robert and his crew from VigilAir are extremely professional. They provided quality service in a timely manner. They went out of their way to get the job done and even helped us with the city permits needed for the work. They continued to check on us to make sure everything was working properly and worked around out schedule. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for Air Conditioning and heating installation or repairs."

Jen and Chuck Dizon
Norwalk, CA
Installation: July, 2011


"I am very pleased with the installation of central air conditioner that you installed at my home. For many years, I had debated whether to install central air conditioner and never quite felt comfortable doing so until  I heard of the great work you do, for a great price.  I am very happy with my decision; both air conditioners that you installed for me work great! I enjoyed your professionalism, work was done quickly finishing the job in two days and your staff cleaned after themselves very well. I highly recommend you to others, thank you very much for such great service!"

Jesus Montoya
Los Angeles, CA
1st install: July, 2011
Downey, CA
2nd install: August, 2011


"VigilAir was Superb!"

"My husband was away from home back in 2006 for an entire year serving the United States Army supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. He endured intense heat down range and was looking forward to returning home to Southern California. Needless to say the summer heat in So Cal is HOT! HOT! HOT! Unfortunately, our air conditioning unit failed us, bad timing. My Soldier was due home in less than a month and one of his special requests besides a new comfortable mattress was to have our unit fixed. I was referred to Robert @ VigilAir. I told him my situation and without hesitation he drove over eighty miles to check it out. Seeing that our unit was quite old and could be fixed, he'd rather see us with a brand new unit for almost the same price. So he made us a deal we couldn't pass up. He said our soldier deserved the best! Now that's a true American! Thanks Robert!" 

Toni Gomez
Banning, CA
Installed: July, 2006

"We are extremely satisfied with VigilAirs' professional and outstanding service. They not only installed a top quality heat and air conditioning system at the best price, but topped it off with great expertise, friendly attitude and most important they complied with all legal building and safety requirements from our city. We thank Robert Vigil for the fast, safe and reliable service!"

Vicky and Lio Soto
Anaheim, CA
Installed: September, 2004


"For several years (during the summer) my family and I would set several fans through out the house in an attempt to keep cool. One hot day in 2004 I realized that fans were not keeping the house cool and that the electric bill had skyrocketed due to all the fans running all day long. I began to shop around for central air systems at several well known hardware stores (Home Depot, Lowe's, and All American) and realized that it was very expensive. We met the owner of VigilAir (Robert Vigil) and he gave us an estimate far below the competitors estimates saving us thousands of dollars. We were very excited and agreed to have VigilAir install central air and heat in our home. Robert and his professional team came in that weekend and installed the system. They not only installed the system, but they also took the old floor heaters and disposed of them. I was amazed at how professional they were, how fast they installed the system, and how much money I saved. We are very satisfied with Robert and his VigilAir team. I have recommended VigilAir to several of my family members, friends and co-workers. Several have hired VigilAir's services and like us, they are very satisfied. Now we spend cool summer days and warm winter nights. Now as far as those fans that we placed all around the house to keep cool, well we had a yard sale and sold them to people that don't know about VigilAir. 
We would like to thank Robert and his VigilAir team!"

Francisco Guzman and family.
Bellflower, CA
Installation: July, 2004


"My husband and I purchased a new home and unexpectedly after three years we experienced problems with our air conditioning unit. Of course it had to happen in the middle of summer. We immediately called VigilAir and our unit was serviced the next day. VigilAir repaired what was needed and have never had a problem since then. We are grateful for their immediate service and product quality. Thank you VigilAir for making it a very cool summer!"

Frank and Ruby Soto
Chino, CA
Repair: August, 2008

Dear VigilAir,
"I have never written a letter to a company that has worked on our house, but I have to tell you about the great service  we received from Robert and Javier. They installed a new central air and heating system in our home.  They deserve a big pat on the back. Your company has two men they should be proud of ! They were polite, efficient and took the time to explain everything and to answer all the questions we had. I also shopped around for quotes and VigilAir gave me the best price and quality work. I will tell my friends and family about the excellent service that we have received from VigilAir. I am also happy to mention that I have referred them to our Spanish speaking family and friends as well."

Thank you,
Mike and Veronica Gavica
Installation: April, 2009

"I never thought I could afford air conditioning in my home. Thank you Robert for making it possible."

Mr. Torres
Buena Park, CA
Installation: May, 2010